A Big Country Marine and war veteran was honored Tuesday morning for his service with the home of his dreams.

Marcus Burleson was honored with a new smart-house in Dublin, Texas for his sacrifices while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s actually here,” said Burleson. “It’s been such a long road and it’s been such a long process.”

Burleson suffered numerous injuries in Afghanistan, including a double amputation of both arms.

“It’s the little things in life that are taken care of its the details that make the difference,” said Burleson.

The Stephen Siller Tunnel of Towers organization, which provides relief to significantly injured war veterans, helped sponsor and build Burleson’s new smart-home.

“We are not going to turn away anyone,” said Andrew McClure, Director of Corporate Development at the Tunnel of Towers organization. “As long as the resources are there and our will is there, and it’s going to be there, these homes are going to be built for these service members.”

“Of all the organizations out there, the vast majority of them are predators,” said Burleson. “They like to prey on us and use us for their own benefit. The Stephen Siller Tunnel of Towers organization is not one of those organizations.”

While Burleson was eager to look inside, a ceremony honoring his service took place before the big reveal. Burleson’s reaction when he walked in was nothing short of awestruck.

“I don’t know that it’s fully settled in yet, we’re working on computing everything, it just doesn’t feel real yet,” said Burleson.

“Just to see the family get what we feel they deserve it’s definitely heartfelt,” said McClure. “He’s a selfless gentleman.”

Burleson is already planning what he will do first in his new home.

“We gotta get ready for Christmas,” said Burleson.