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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – When you hear or see a rattlesnake, humans know to stay away but dogs have three types of reactions.

“One, dogs are in different they don’t even notice them, second they tend to be protective, they are trying to protect the owner from the snake or third they are interested in it. They want to see it, they want to smell it, they want to eat it,” said Scott Delony, Snake Avoidance Trainer.

Big Country Snake Removal train dogs to avoid snakes, so they do not get bit.

“Most of the time when that stuff happens it’s because of a curious dog. That’s why about 90% of the dog bites are actually to their face or heads,” said Nathan Hawkins, Owner, Big Country Snake Removal.

They start the training by seeing how the dog reacts.

“If he seems interested in them we are going to go ahead, with him I am not even shocking him, I am going to give him a vibrate and just let him start to associate this isn’t good,” said Delony.

The training averages from 20 to 30 minutes.

“Different breads are cuing in with sight, sound or smell and so with him right there it was smell which surprised me, I figured he was something else,” said Delony.

Afterwards, the dog stays away from the snakes completely.

“Nobody wants to lose a dog, no one wants that heartache and even if the dog survives you are looking at a 1500 to 3000 dollars with a vet bill and that hurts most people,” said Delony.

They say they know it works because they have done follow-ups a year later. They have a clinic on June 21st and 22nd for discounted training. To find out more information on the one on one training or the clinic go to their Facebook page here.

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