ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – For those that live in Cisco, the town is small and they say you never have to worry about locking your door.

Rocky Thompson is one of those people.

Six years ago though, the small-town feel was shattered.

“I went to get up that next morning for work and my truck was gone,” said Thompson.

It was well after he came home from serving his country.

“I signed up before 9/11 happened, wasn’t expecting to go to combat,” said Thompson.

He never expected for his truck to be stolen either.

“They stole the battery, siphoned the gas out of it, the rims were broken on the rear end of it,” said Thompson.

Ever since he was a kid, he wanted that truck just like he wanted to be in the military.

“I saw a guy in the Army when I was probably 4 or 5 years old and I kept telling my mom, ‘That’s an army-er, that’s an army-er, I want to be like that,'” said Thompson.

Just like any dream though, you have to wake up.

“February 14, 2005, Valentine’s Day. We were struck by a roadside bomb,” said Thompson.

The incident earned him a Purple Heart, which he kept in the glove box of his truck.

He said it was the first thing he went to look for when his truck was recovered, but when he went to open the glove box it was empty. His Purple Heart was gone.

“What I went through to get that medal and what I’d seen my buddies endure and lost, it was really bad of them, they don’t understand, it was a shiny piece of metal that they thought they could pawn I’m sure somewhere and they just don’t know the meaning and the sacrifice,” said Thompson.

The stolen medal happened to be a blessing in disguise, because his mother, who wasn’t there the first time he was pinned, was able to be there the second time.

Thompson was reawarded his Purple Heart at the VFW in Eastland County on Veterans Day.

The ceremony was a surprise to him and he says he couldn’t be happier to have it back.