Big Hearts: Cross Plains basketball team takes shot to help senior citizens

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CROSS PLAINS, Texas (KTAB) – “Senior Night” took on a special meaning for the Cross Plains Buffaloes Basketball team. The members spent a portion of their day giving back to senior citizens.

They love the game, as all basketball players do, but for this Cross Plains High School team, it’s about more than making baskets.

“I can’t say it enough. The kids we got are class acts,” says head coach, Dade Cosby.

Cosby says his team is shooting for something more important: “We got kids who aren’t just going to be contributors on the court. The contribution to the community is never going to end.”

“Coach Cosby wanted us to get more involved in the community, ” says Caleb Hernandez, a junior at Cross Plains.

Coach Cosby called out a play, sending his players off the court and to the Cross Plains Senior Citizen Center.

“We cleaned, cooked, and prepared the meal for them and just kind of gave back,” adds Hernandez.

Some of the young men delivered meals to seniors in the community like Ann Beeler. “I was kind of puzzled because I was expecting my regular delivery person,” she says.

It turned into a pleasant surprise. Beeler adds,”They were just so awesome. So polite.”

Coach Cosby says,”I told them, ‘This is what we’re doing.’ It wasn’t really a choice, but if I did give it to them, it wouldn’t have been an issue. They’d be like, ‘OK, Coach.'”

“They were not only polite, you got the feeling that they weren’t here because they had to be but because they wanted to be,” says Beeler.

Hernandez says, “I was thinking, ‘Why haven’t we done this sooner?’ I thought it was a pretty fun experience.”

Paxton Byrd, a senior at Cross Plains says, “I was kind of excited. Of course, we got to get out of school, but it’s always fun to go do that kind of stuff, to help out.”

The players always ready with the assist.

“I tripped going out the door. Talk about reflexes. He grabbed me before I hardly realized I was falling. They were really nice,” Beeler says.

“It’s always been a staple of Cross Plains. Good kids and a good community,” Coach Cosby adds.

Some of the senior citizens the team met with were former basketball players at Cross Plains. The high school students enjoyed spending quality time with them.

Some of the senior citizens attended the basketball game to cheer on the team that night, making “Senior Night” extra special.

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