Big Hearts: Crosstown rivals come together to help homeless students

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ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – With rivals as impassioned as these, you’d think they’d have no common ground. but once a year Cooper and Abilene High put aside their differences to meet at the net.

“in the crosstown game we’ve, the last two years come together to have some kind of outreach, community service idea. And this year Coach Pierce had the idea of helping the Abilene ISD homeless population”

“We have a pretty big problem last year we ended up with fourteen hundred and ninety five kids that were classified as homeless under the McKinney-Vento act.”

Children and teens living in non-traditional housing or even on the street are given clothes, School supplies and various other necessities that come along with an education.

“We’ve bought basketball shoes, Cosmetology kits, just name it, we’ve tried to help out as much as we can”

When the two teams heard that their fellow students were in need, they didn’t hesitate to help

“Just a community that obviously comes together to support their high school kids. Just look at the stands tonight. Wanting to see them play but also know that it’s not about a game, It’s a bigger cause.”

Before the game began students, athletes, parents and friends brought in brand new backpacks, clothes, and supplies. This along with other recent drives has put the AISD homeless program in a good place.

“We’re doing good, but were not gonna last. We have to continue to push to get things donated. If you offer a service you’ve gotta have things to back it up.”

And while Abilene High came out with the win after a five set thriller both teams know that this game goes far beyond the ball

“You know, It’s not north and south, east and west, It’s not cooper vs Abilene high. It’s our kids”

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