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Big Hearts: dancing custodian does it for the smiles

ANSON, Texas (KTAB) - It’s a unique morning drop off line every Friday at Anson Elementary School.

“A lot of them, I wake them up. They be still sleeping,” says Johnnie Gilmore, the school custodian. 

They get their wake up call when they reach Mr. Johnnie in the parking lot.

Gilmore adds, “They're like Mr. Johnny I didn't know you had moves. I love to see the smile on their faces, you know.” 

This all started as an idea by counselor, Priscilla Cook, who wanted to spread some Anson Tiger spirit, “It's a tradition I wanted to start this year. I just wanted to get my staff members, and the students like I said pumped up for football Friday’s.”

Mr. Johnnie took it to a whole new level.

“I think he's more pumped up than any of us. They love it,” Cook adds. 

“It was just heat of the moment thing. I like to dance, like to listen to music. And she plays music, I like so we just kind of clicked,” Gilmore says. 

Mr. Johnnie doesn’t miss a beat. From charismatic crossing guard to his indoor custodian responsibilities, Anson Elementary loves Mr. Johnnie. 

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