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Big Hearts: Duty calls even on icy days

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - While some schools and businesses cancel due to inclement weather, there are some jobs that are needed even more on winter days like firefighters. 


It’s home for the Abilene firefighters stationed at fire house number one. 


They don’t know exactly what a 24 hour shift will bring. However, on a winter weather day, firefighters, like J Sanders says, “We prepare for it. We make sure we have enough bad weather gear as far as coats, extra layers. We make sure the guys have that because we don't know how long the guys are gonna be out in the streets in it.”


It’s not your typical day on the job. 


“We're going to expect quite a few more runs as far as the interstates, motor vehicle accidents,” says Captain Justin Tiemann. 


Tiemann says fire crews have to take it slower on the icy days to safely get to an emergency call. 


Tiemann adds, “We’re going to be significantly delayed.”


“We don't want people to think that we're not in a hurry to get to the emergency. But, if we can't get there, we can't provide people with EMS care,” adds Sanders. 


They equip their fire engines with chains for better traction while using their trucks as shields. 


Tiemann says, “We'll also use our apparatus for any other vehicles to protect ourselves.”


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