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Big Hearts: Gym owner opens his doors to better young athletes

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - You may be familiar with The Fieldhouse, a workout facility just off of Treadaway in north Abilene. 

Normally access to a gym as modern as this one would run you about 30 dollars a month, but these big country area athletes are here completely free of charge.

"There's no gimmick, pitch here it's just fire it up, lets get going and get a good test in get home eat some dinner go home and go to bed."

It's called a combine, but what exactly is it?

"Kids get a good un-opinionated analysis of themselves and just can grasp, okay this is where I'm at as an athlete and here's where I am with other guys from a competitive standpoint. But also this is where I'm at, and if I wanna improve, this is quantifiable data that we can look at. So they kind of grow into this. Because these are tests that they're gonna do today that the division one schools are gonna make them test, and then the NFL is gonna make them test every level after high school." 

With a 100 yard turf field outdoors, and a fully automated laser stopwatch The Fieldhouse is giving these kids a chance to train with professional grade equipment.

"The times aren't gonna be like your uncle or your dads hand times."

For Bane, its all a matter of paying it forward

"Had some really good people in my life that have made this happen. What are we supposed to do with it right? You've gotta give that back you've gotta share that. I'm not sure you can be too blessed if you just take and you don't give.

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