Breakfast in the Classroom program helps elementary students in Abilene ISD

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ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – You’ve probably heard the old saying ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.’ Abilene Independent School District is making sure students at elementary schools get that important meal every day through their Breakfast in the Classroom Program.

“Students receive their breakfast in their classroom which gets their day off to a wonderful start as the body must be fed before the mind can be fed,” AISD Director of Student Nutrition, Jay Towell says.

Five AISD elementary schools have the program: Lee, Martinez, Reagan, Ortiz and Bonham.

For Bonham Elementary 4th grade teacher Melissa Bell, the program has helped students get a positive start to their day.

“They’ve got that positive mindset of yes I have energy, I can do this!” Bell says.

According to Towell, “a healthy breakfast allows kids to perform academically much better, it reduces absenteeism and it also improves ones health.”

Towell says the meals are funded by reimbursements received from a qualified meal thats served to students.

One thing teachers have noticed is having breakfast readily available in the classroom has decreased the number of students who are late to school.”

“If they haven’t had time to have breakfast, they know that they could just drop them off at school and they can eat breakfast while they get here since our bell rings at 7:35,” Bell says. “This is when they can start eating breakfast and they have until the tardy bell rings to finish.”

The Breakfast in the Classroom program has been in Abilene ISD since 2011. Towell says there’s no plan to expand the program outside of those five elementary schools in the near future.

Towell also encourages parents, if they haven’t already, to fill out all of their meal forms online at

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