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Breaking down the ballot: AISD and Cisco College items explained

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - When the polls open for the final time this year, there's always the chance to vote politicians in or out of office, but Abilene has a pair of two more items near the end of the sheet. Those two items could have an effect on your finances.

The first of the two items you'll encounter is a bond proposal from the Abilene Independent School District. Superintendent David Young explains the item needs to be voted on because, "When you're talking about $138 million, those are beyond the scope of the normal maintenance and operations budget for any school district."

That money is earmarked for nearly a dozen individual projects, including three new replacement schools, a tech center for the ATEMS, and athletics and fine arts facility upgrades district-wide. "There's also a $10 million category of capital improvements for HVAC replacements that will be stretched as far as it can go to address the District's outstanding HVAC needs", says Young.

The next item on the ballot comes from Cisco College. It's a property tax increase of five cents per $100 of property value. Officials say they'll use the money to lower tuition and offer more educational opportunities. President Thad Anglin explained in a previous interview, "We're talking about an almost immediate injection of skilled workers into the workforce here in Abilene. You talk about quality of life, you talk about healthcare, you talk about the need to have individual skills. These quality of life things that are so important for a vibrant economy."

Both the Cisco and AISD items are all-or-nothing. Voters will either approve or disapprove of the two. That means Cisco will either get a five cent increase, or none at all. AISD will either get the full requested amount of $138 million, and won't have the option of choosing items to fund individually.

Before voting for each item, a quick overview of what you're voting for will appear. For a more detailed analysis of the AISD bond, a breakdown of projects can be found here:

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