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Breckenridge Fire Department accepts $200,000 grant, purchases new water tender

BRECKENRIDGE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - The Breckenridge Fire Department has unveiled new equipment purchased thanks to a grant.

The Breckenridge Fire Department has accepted a $200,000 grant from the Texas A&M Forest Service Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program that allowed them to purchase a new water tender.

“Our department covers a large rural area where about 9,500 residents live,” said Breckenridge Fire Department Chief Calvin Chaney. “This truck has a 2,000-gallon water tank with foam adaptability and will allow the department to make a very good initial attack and knock down of a fire in that type of terrain.”

The tender can carry two firefighters, is equipped with a ladder package, LED lighting and various firefighting equipment.

According to Breckenridge Fire Chief Calvin Chaney, because of the large amount of water the tender can hold, firefighters had to undergo "special, intensive training".

The new tender has been equipped, and the department is proud to have a new tool to better serve their community.

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