Brother of Abilene murder victim speaks out for first time one year after death

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – It has been a long year for Jeannie Quinn’s family, but for the first time her brother, Robert Quinn, is speaking out about her death and the lack of answers.

“She was always a good sister to me. You know, we would always have some arguments here and there of course, but it’s my sister. She was the best sister I could ask for,” said Robert.

After a year of no arrests, Jeannie’s family is still trying to move forward.

“When she was murdered it was like losing one of my own,” said John Quinn, Jeannie’s Uncle.

They are trying everything to find leads.

“Tips have been coming in in the last couple of months so we are making progress. More so now in the last couple of months than we had been over the 10 months prior to that,” said John.

John even spoke with the only person of interest, Ricky Don Henderson, at the Taylor County Jail multiple times, but Friday, he cut the interview short.

“I don’t believe he’s going to entertain the idea of me coming back, so that’s where we are. I got what I needed,” said John.

“The evidence, it’s all there, they can find everything that is there, it’s so obvious that he has done it and it has been a whole year now, you know, it’s like, ‘What are you doing?'” said Robert.

With Henderson behind bars on charges not related to this case, the family is still seeking closure.

“A year is a long time not to get an arrest. We understand it takes time, but a lot of the times you do see this wrapped up, they make an arrest on other cases right away,” said John.

Despite the setbacks, family members say they are never giving up.

“We are still looking, we are moving forward, we are not stopping until somebody is held accountable,” said John.

The Abilene Police Department says there are no new details that they can provide, but it is still an active and ongoing investigation.

Abilene Police Detectives continue to pursue all possible leads, and if you have information on this case, you are encouraged to call (325) 676-6598.

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