Bull-riding brothers compete in World Finals in Abilene

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ABILENE, (KRBC) – The Youth Bull Riders World Finals is in Abilene this week at the Taylor County Expo center. To some it’s all about winning or the rush to the Hughes brothers it is about the ride and family.
“it’s pretty neat to see what I passed on to them and what my dad passed on to me,” said Riggen Hughes, the oldest brother.
It’s an eight-second rush that runs through their veins.
“It’s something that they love. We didn’t push them into it. They tried it, they loved it and they’ve been doing it ever since and as long as they love it we will keep doing it,” said Flint Hughes, their dad.
They are always pushing one another to get better.
“If you ride you are happy but if you lose you can just go on and learn. If you buck off you learn. If you ride learn, It just keeps going forwards everyway of the step,” said Ridge Hughes, the youngest brother.

“My little brother, me and him are competing together in these four days and were both kind of competitive together but if he wins I’ll be happy for him,” said Rowdy Hughes, the middle brother.
To the riders and the boys, it is all about the drive and passion.
“When we do something wrong we have a practice pen at the house and we go and get on, we practice. We just get better everyday, do what we can, support each other,” said Riggen.
The World Finals last round is on Saturday.

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