BIG SPRING, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – In Big Spring, no arrests have been made in what police call “a senseless act of animal cruelty”.

It happened in the 500 block of union street in around 9 a.m. Monday when Sylvia Martinez checked her mailbox and found the remains of a burned cat.

“I opened it up and happened to find a burnt cat inside my mailbox,” Martinez said. “I freaked out, I was shocked…upset…My blood was boiling…it turned into fire…I was just so furious..”

A cruel, unpleasant surprise greeting Martinez instead of the letter she hoped to find. Martinez says she was confused as to why anyone would do this to her or an innocent animal.

“I believe that poor cat must have been alive when they did that because there was fresh blood inside my mailbox,” Martinez said.

Police say the kitten belonged Martinez’ neighbor. Nell Roger’s daughter owned that cat and many others. Rogers remains disturbed by the whole situation.

“Well it scared me, I just wondered if it happened anywhere else,” Rogers said.

Big Spring Police say this is a first.

“Nothing like this has ever happened on our block..and I’ve lived here since 1952,” Rogers said.

Martinez and everyone else on the block, hoping the person behind this crime is brought to justice.

We asked Martinez for the “TV Version” of what she’d say to the culprit behind this cruel crime.

“I hope they catch you..and I hope someone does the same thing to you..that cat didn’t deserve to die like that,” Martinez said.

Big Spring Crime Stoppers offering a thousand dollar reward for anyone who gives information on this case that leads to an arrest. They can be reached at 432-263-8477.

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