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Camp Able Receives Creative Donation from Jim Ned Middle School

Students and teachers at Jim Ned Middle School just finished a fundraiser, and the competition got pretty fierce. When it came time for the school to choose an organization for their yearly service project, Principal Jay Wise says the choice was easy.

"They do a lot of good for our kids here. We've got a lot of special needs kids here that use Camp Able," Wise says.

According to volunteer Cary Corthron, Camp Able in Buffalo Gap uses equine therapy "to help students with special needs, such as learning disabilities and autism."

The "Pennies for Ponies" fundraiser was special to four students since they are all volunteers at Camp Able.

"I really love kids and I really love horses, so it just equals greatness," one student said.

"Just happy to help out and give back to the community," another added.

The school goal was set at $1,000, but the competition got fierce. Teachers began "panhandling" and asking the students for money. Coach Rhett Jones also got creative by charging $1 with a selfie with him. He even charged $1 for a dance or a dab.

"So now I'm all over Instagram and making a fool of myself, but it got the kids to where they really got in to it and they got competitive," Jones said.

This is when the donations started pouring in. Many people began bringing in $100 bills.

The school raised over $4,000 for Camp Able. According to Camp Able representatives, the money will be used for feed for the horses.


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