On the corner of Sayles and South 14th, New Beginnings Big Country has a store that has been changing the lives of employees as well as shoppers for an entire year.

“What I want anybody to understand about this resale boutique is that our founder loves the Lord with all of her heart,” commented Tanya Coliendo, a volunteer.

Staff says that occasionally shoppers will linger in the store for an hour or so, “And then just ask me for prayer.”

The store itself helps to provide revenue for the New Beginnings cause, housing women who have previously been incarcerated and working to transition them back into society.

Recently proceeds assisted in the opening and now maintaining of a new transitional house.

“It’s really amazing, it’s taken care of itself and all of the proceeds are donated back to new beginnings,” stated Missy Denard, the executive director for the ministry.

According to the director, the  business is aiding these women in their transition.

“You know they’ve done a fantastic job, and it builds their trust when they know someone has trusted them.”

“When you’ve been incarcerated you go to your lowest point and feel broken. This has built self-esteem and also just confidence that we need to have in God because he loves us just the way we are,” finished Tanya.