ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) –  Dedicating more than three decades to the tourism industry, Nanci Liles has made Abilene the city it is today.

“Honestly if they gave out superwoman awards, I’d nominate her for sure,” says Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau Board Member Donna Albus.

She’s making hospitality and tourism one of the top three biggest economic drivers for the Key City, being one of the first women to serve as chairperson of the Texas Travel Industry Association, and receiving countless state awards for bringing people into the area.

These accomplishments just scratch the surface of Liles’ 34-year career with the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB).

“I’ve been told by multiple people across the state at other convention and visitors bureaus that they wonder if Abilene really knows what they have in Nanci Liles,” Albus says.

Such a successful career, however, certainly comes with its challenges.

“You always face challenges I think as a woman, especially in state leadership. They’re run by men,” Liles says.

But these challenges are also pushing her to help open the doors for future generations.

“I do think there should be more of an open door for women. So women have a great perspective on many different things and a lot of times even in today’s world most of the people at the table are men.”

“She will help you, she will put opportunities in front of you and she will champion other women to anyone who will listen,” ACVB Board Member Myra Dean says.

And she’s nothing short of an inspiration to not only the women following in her footsteps, but even those who came before her.

Liles says it is a team effort and she couldn’t do it without those who work beside her.