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CISCO, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Billy Ray Perkins’ shirt that reads “The Handyman” says it all.

“I’ve always worked, I get really bored when I don’t have anything to do,” said Perkins.

Perkins hasn’t lived in Cisco for long, but he’s already making it his home by taking care of it.

“He’d come in one or twice a week to check on us [at the Conrad N. Hilton Center] and before long, he was climbing in the fountain and refilling it,” said Cisco Mayor Tammy Douglas. “He was filling boxes for the elderly and he was starting to water the plants.”

Perkins title of ‘Handyman’ doesn’t just come for the work he does at the Hilton, but also the work he does all around Cisco.

“You never know where he is going to be,” said Mayor Douglas. “You see him all over town, he rides a small bike and anytime you see him on this bike, you know he’s going somewhere to do something.”

While his day starts early, most will never know where or who Billy Ray will be lending a helping hand to that day.

“I left for lunch yesterday and he was in the alley with a pick, you know digging up something. I have no idea what but, you know, whatever it was, he was doing a good deed doing it,” said Mayor Douglas. “He’s one of those type of men from that era that worked hard and has really good work ethic and because of that I think he thinks it keeps him young, which it does.”

Perkins has become well known in the Cisco community because nine times out of 10, you can find him with his hat on, a tool in his hand, and a smile on his face.

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