City of Abilene has repaired 2100+ potholes since launching mobile app

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – The City of Abilene released their new app in February and is already seeing results.

“We do 60, 70, 80 potholes a day depending on how many complaints there are, and if there are no complaints then we just start in on a neighborhood and work on it,” said Walter Thomlins, Street Tech 2, City of Abilene.

The Streets Department has addressed and filled more than 2,100 potholes since the app launched.

“It’s a big issue on there, but it is going well. They are doing a lot of work to get out there and get those potholes addressed within just about 48 hours or so,” said Mari Cockerell, Communication and Media Relations, City of Abilene.

The crews previously drove up and down every street looking for problems.

“We can’t be everywhere, at least they can see and say something. Before, if you were in certain neighborhoods, you didn’t see a hole, there’s a car parked over it, there’s a lot of cars parked on the streets someday,” said Thomlins.

Now, using the map on their iPads to go to the problems directly.

“This records the amount of material, the time, the equipment, where it was, how it was fixed, makes it a little earlier,” said Thomlins.

When you file a complaint on the app, make sure the roads are city-owned roads. 

“You can know by just looking at them. City roads all have those disks that are lane markers, whereas TXDOT roads are painted and have some reflectors as well,” said Cockerell.

If people file complaints that aren’t covered through the city, they will comment and let you know. They say one big complaint they see is about light poles, most of which are owned by AEP Texas.

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