Abilene, TX (KRBC)- After a dog was placed in quarantine as a result of biting a young child on the face, in Abilene on Wednesday afternoon,  the question that comes to mind is: “are police investigating the incident as dog bite or dog attack?”

The City of Abilene tells KRBC there is a distinct difference.

Animal Service Manger, Aaron Vannoy, says dog bites are considered minor.

“Those are just puncture wound type bites that still have to be quarantined, still have to seek medical attention,” says Vannoy.

The city reports, there have been 261 incidents of dogs biting humans in 2016.  Vannoy says the numbers can be misleading, since the city is required to classify even a small injury to as a bite.

A dog attack is when the person needs to be taken to the hospital or they have rips and tears on the skin.

Vannoy says the city typically sees 15-20 dog attacks a year.

 A dog has been placed in quarantine after biting a young child on the face in Abilene Wednesday afternoon.

The Abilene Police Department says a pitbull bit a four-year-old boy at a residence on the 4000 block of Lynwood Lane around 1:00 p.m.

The dog was located and apprehended by animal control. It will be monitored for rabies and quarantined, according to police.

The child’s family members transported him to the hospital.