Coleman County residents say goodbye to longtime pharmacy and owner

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Coleman County will soon be missing a key component by the end of November, as residents are saying goodbye to one of its only two pharmacies.

After more than 50 years, owner of Tyson Pharmacy, Bob Tyson, is closing his doors.

It is a bittersweet goodbye for everyone, from regular customers to the store’s owner.

“It’s 76. It’s time to retire,” registered pharmacists and owner of Tyson Pharmacy, Robert Tyson said.

Tyson has been Coleman’s pharmacist for 55 years at the store.

“I started working in this store in 1962 as a pharmacy student,” Tyson said.

The building itself, has been serving the Coleman Community since the late 1800s.

“The store originally was founded in 1895. It’s moved a couple of times, until this location,” Tyson said.

“It was May’s Drug for a while, then it was Eddie Brank’s Pharmacy and now it’s Tyson Pharmacy.”

Since his announcement about his closure in October, many folks have been dropping by to say their goodbyes.

“We made everybody feel at home. Had good employees who would take the time to learn people’s name and trying
to treat everybody like a child of God,” Tyson said.

One of those customers, Terri Moore, said she grew up coming to Tyson’s and has continued the tradition.

“I have been. My mom and dad were regular customers for years and years. my husband,” Moore said.

While she is heartbroken about the news, she is also very happy for Tyson.

“I served with him for several years, we’ve been in Lions Club together and he’s just a man that always steps up tp the plate and helps with whatever he can help with,” Moore said.

As for Tyson, it is bittersweet, but he is looking forward to enoying the retirement life, in Georgetown, Texas!

“Get out and go for a walk in the morning and not have to worry about going to a store. It’s going to be fun playing golf with my friends. I’ve always wanted to play golf but I never had time to do it on a regular basis,” Tyson said.

The store is in the process of selling the rest of its items. Starting Wednesday, Nov. 8, everything in his store will be 50 percent off.

By the end of this month, the Coleman County will have just one pharmacy, which is owl’s drug store.

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