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When it comes to struggles, people react to them in various ways but one Big Country man is turning his hard times into motivation and spreading it beyond the Big Country!

“Challenges are made to be undertaken and victories come when you try,” Joseph Haynes said.

We are each dealt a deck of cards when brought into this world but it is all about how you play each hand.

“I just think that when we can build confidence, and understand that God does things for his own purposes, even though sometimes we may not understand it at the moment, that there’s always a reason why things happen,” Haynes said. “That’s kind of the way I go about this, is to encourage people with their issues and their successes, it really helps me a lot.” 

Joseph Haynes is not only a radio DJ at KSTA, but also a motivational speaker, utilizing Facebook!

“I thought that everything happens for a reason and that since I survived it that the best thing to do would be to try to, not only motivate myself, but motivate others through the use of the social media platform and it just started and people responded,” Haynes said.

Haynes was born with cerebral palsy, which is caused by oxygen deprivation at birth, as well as prematurity at birth.

“My legs, even as they were, don’t operate as well as what we would call the normal persons legs,” Haynes said.

He still takes on life’s challenges with grace. 

In February 2018, while at his son’s band concert, in Early, Texas, he accidentally parked in a caterer’s spot instead of the handicap spot, which was right next to it. Worried that he may suffer the repercussions from parking in the wrong spot, Haynes asked a friend to move his truck over to the next spot. The driver did not realize they were in drive mode and not reverse mode and rammed him into a post, where he stood outside waiting for them to park his truck. 

“I was out of the truck and my leg got pinned between the grill guard and the steps,” Haynes said. “I had to have one of my legs amputated.

Three different rescuers stepped in to help Haynes; one was a witness, another was an Early Police Officer and the third was a nurse in a helicopter. They each put a tourniquet on his leg. Their quick actions saved his life.

He was transported to a hospital in Weatherford, Texas, where he stayed for just six days, the stayed with relatives in that area.

“Here we are 39 days later already back in town, because we have work to do,” Haynes said.

Thanks to the Coleman community, the Brown County community, people in Weatherford, Fort Worth, New Mexico and every other place he has ever lived in life, he is set to have a prosthetic leg in the next month or so. The communities have been raising money for him through a GoFundMe

Haynes is he is forever grateful for everyone’s help, kind messages and prayers.

“I’ll have to negotiate with a prosthetic leg, which is better than a CP leg because it’ll have a working knew joint, a working ankle joint, it may end up better than the leg I had in the first place,” Haynes said.

He still continues to be the light in many people’s lives, all through a simple, positive Facebook post.

“I think, if we can create positives and ‘can do’ attitudes, that eliminates the negatives quite a bit. It’s been good for me and hopefully some other folks have benefited from it too,” Haynes said. “When you decide, this is where I am, this is what my situation is, you either decide to make the best of it, or you don’t and I think the alternative of ‘don’t’ is unacceptable.”

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