Comfort dog brings a little joy to those grieving loved ones

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ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Dogs are known as man’s best friend. They’re your favorite running partner and your go-to cuddle buddy, but for Holly the role she plays has a much greater purpose

“She is our favorite co-worker,” said Elmwood Funeral Home and Memorial Park funeral director Catherine Cisneros.

Holly’s place of business? A funeral home. And her purpose? Bringing a little love to those who need it most.

“There’s so much uncertainity about walking into a funeral home, but then when they get to meet her and pet her a little bit and she loves on them a little bit, it makes the world of difference,” said Elmwood Funeral Home and Memorial Park General Manager Bryan Hicks.

She’s a comforting canine who helps these people walk through the steps of  funeral arrangements like no one else could.

“You know if you’re around dogs very much or animals very much you know that they connect with you in a way that we don’t understand,” said Hicks.

“Holly has a great way of coming in and sensing who needs her the most,” said Cisneros.

Sometimes the person in need isn’t a client but an employee.

“There are days we feel the families pain just as much,” said Cisneros. “Just recently we had a unfortante {situation with} a baby and I mean everyone was upset, it just makes the place kind of a little different atmosphere and having holly around for her here to be there for us once we were done with the family, it just helped completely.”‘

Whether she’s running around the building or just getting some love, Holly is definately making a difference.

Holly has been bring joy to all at the funeral home for a little under a year.

She is the only funeral therapy dog in the Big Country.

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