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Cook Children's brings new specialty to Abilene, helping families stay close to home

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Cook Children's Hospital has had an Abilene location for 20 years providing special pediatric help for local families, saving the expense of having to travel to Fort Worth. 

"It's so hard because you are always waiting like is this going to be it," said Aspyn Carter, whose son, Haygen, was born with a Pulmonary Atresia, a Congenital Heart Defect.

Now traveling to Abilene from Bangs at least once a month for appointments instead of having to make the trip to Fort Worth to Cook Children's main location.

"I remember when they told us like we are going to be making this trip so much and you are going to have to be here and I was like how are we going to do this mom, like how do we do this," said Carter.

Haygen's Pediatric Cardiologist Hud Allender, MD says they can do EKGs, echoes, exams, medications and more.

"Follow them up after surgeries and such. We can do pretty much everything here we need in these out reach clinics that we would back in Fort Worth that's none invasive," said Dr. Allender.

The Abilene location cutting down precious time because Haygen has a certain way he has to be in the car seat to watch his oxygen level. Plus, all the things they have to travel with in the car.

"You have to make sure he's got all the milk, all the medications. One has to stay cold the other three are OK to be put in his diaper bag," said Carter.

Affecting so many more families than just this one.

"Having somewhere so close has probably been the biggest blessing," said Carter.

The clinic had almost 2,000 visits from Oct. 2017 to Sept. 2018 because it's a one-stop shop for patients, and their latest addition to the services offered is in urology.

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