ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – An unusual display in the backyard of a north Abilene home made local realtors uncomfortable in July of 2017. 

A collection of headshots of female realtors, along with one picture of a local attorney, has been plastered on the side of a shed in the yard, as well as along the fence. 

Realtors who spoke with KTAB and KRBC called the shed ‘creepy’ and said it makes them uncomfortable knowing their pictures and their co-workers pictures are included in the collage.

KTAB and KRBC contacted the man responsible for the display, and he said he does realize why people would consider the display creepy. He also said that he will be taking the pictures down Wednesday night or Thursday to allow those concerned to sleep soundly. He offered no comment when asked what provoked him to create the display and has since removed the pictures. 

Abilene police have been contacted in regards to the shed, but no citations have been issued because officers determined no criminal act was being committed. 

Police Chief Stan Stanridge released a statement, saying, “APD and ACU PD are aware of this issue [and] we readily concede that the issue is very concerning, but we do not believe it is criminal.”

BigCountryHomepage will not be releasing the name of the man responsible for the display or his address since no criminal act is involved.