ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – Less than a week after the Abilene Reporter News caught fire, crews are working to restore the longest operating business in the Key City.

“You know it’s our second home and it’s hard to see it like this,” Abilene Reporter News Editor in Chief Greg Jaklewicz said.

Reporter News employees were able to go inside to gather their belongings and inspect the damage.

“I mean it was a mess because all the water had knocked down things, there was debris when you walked you were actually walking in water,” Jaklewicz said.

One of the biggest concerns was for what they call “the morgue” where they keep their files.

“Those go back decades things that you can’t replace,” Jaklewicz said.

Despite the smoke and water damage the records seem to be unscathed.

“If you happened to be filed in the lowest one you might have gotten a little wet so those have been removed from the building. What wasn’t damaged is being stored. What did get a little wet there’s a process to I think freeze dry them and preserve those so we escaped that,” Jaklewicz said.

Now crews are working to restore this historic building.

“The water when it came in the sprinkler system it came down through multiple levels so there’s going to be damage not only to the fire that was done on the top but the water damage might even be more extensive than the fire,” Davis Steel Builders Owner Bryce Davis said.

Davis said it will be an uphill battle.

“Man a lot of hours and a lot of time and it’s tedious,” Davis said.

For now, the news doesn’t stop for Reporter News staff.

“We’re just going to troop on you know we never close and however long it takes well I’ve never been through anything like this and we’re open for business,” Jaklewicz said.

The Abilene Reporter News is working out of First Financial Bank while The Grace Museum is closed for the holidays.