ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – It’s something we report on here at KTAB.

We’re talking about crime and it’s happening in your community, but where?

“Crime is going to exist all throughout the city,” stated Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge.

Crime doesn’t discriminate and he says it doesn’t matter where you live, anyone can be a victim.

Chief Standridge also says he encourages citizens to know what is happening in the Key City and to know what can be done about it.

“Parking in your driveway is an example, versus parking on the streets,” added Chief Standridge. “Statistics show, you’re less likely to be a victim of a car burglary if you’re in the driveway.”

Whether it be prevention or simply just getting to know your neighbor, he says every citizen should absolutely care about crime.

Connecting Caring Communities, a non-profit in Abilene, is making it a mission to help neighbors get to know neighbors.

“Go out in the front yard and do things,” Community Coordinator David Adams said. “That way you’re open, you can see your neighbors you can meet your neighbors.”

The group has monthly dinner meetings and has many other events throughout the year to help bridge the gap.

The community coordinators even live in the neighborhoods they serve.

“Our girls love it here, they play outside all the time, play basketball. They ride their scooters,” Adams added.

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can be a victim or you can choose to play a part in preventing it.