ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A daycare worker behind bars for child sex crimes was caught on camera inappropriately touching several children at an Abilene church.

Court documents state the following child victims have been identified during the investigation into Benjamin Roberts, 25. Some of the incidents were caught on surveillance video from Wylie Baptist Church:

  1. A mother found her child in alone in the bathroom with Roberts. This child later told detectives Roberts kissed him and touched him inappropriately.
  2. This child told detectives Roberts would rub his back, tickle him, and touched him inappropriately at least two times. 
  3. This child was a member of the Wylie Baptist Church daycare program, where Roberts was employed. Her mother saw her sitting in Roberts’ lap at least 3 times. She told detectives Roberts would tickle her then described an incident where Roberts grabbed her chest then apologized. 
  4. Surveillance video from Wylie Baptist Church shows this child sitting in Roberts’ lap while he bounced her up and down and tickled her “causing her to squirm around on his lap,” the documents state. 
  5. Surveillance video from Wylie Baptist Church shows Roberts laying this child across his lap while rubbing his stomach and touching him inappropriately. Roberts is also caught on camera touching this child inappropriately on another occasion. 
  6. Surveillance video from Wylie Baptist Church shows Roberts putting this child on his lap then touching her inappropriately. He later puts her on his lap again, bounces her around, readjusts his crotch when she gets up, then he pulls her back onto his lap once more and begins bouncing her around.
  7. A child who lived in Roberts’ neighborhood said he would spend the night at Roberts’ home on several occasions, and they would share a bed. He told detectives Roberts would sometimes touch him inappropriately and he was afraid of getting raped. 

Additional child victims have been identified, but the nature of the allegations involving them have not been detailed in court documents. 

Amanda McKee, the director of Wylie Baptist Church Child Development Center, was arrested for Failure to Report for allegedly never acting on or reporting parent and employee complaints regarding Roberts’ behavior around children at the daycare. 

Roberts also has affiliation with children at the Southern Hills Church of Christ, the Beltway Park Baptist Church, and a ‘kid’s ministry’ run out of his home on the 400 block of Cockerell Drive. 

Due to the high volume of children Roberts had contacted with, police believe there is an “extremely high likelihood” Parents are urged to ask their children about their interactions with Roberts and if any crime is suspected, to to make a report with the Abilene Police Department at (325)673-8331.