MERKEL, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A Merkel neighborhood devastated after this morning’s storms.

KRBC’s Pheben Kassahun spoke to one family who is worried about the state of their home, since they did not have enough money to pay for home insurance.

“It’s never been this bad,” Estella Delacruz told KRBC.

The devastation hit across the City of Merkel, Wednesday morning.

“All your property, that all what you own is in a house and, I’m assuming. I’m only speculating because my sister. They don’t have insurance, and so if there’s any loss of property or belongings, they’ll have to be replaced by themselves,” Delacruz explained.

The flooding causing so much damage to several homes that some neighbors wondered where they will be staying the night. Delacruz said, according to the neighborhood manager, this side of town received the most damage. 

“They had to shut off electricity so that she could get back in there, so that we could get some school clothing for him for tomorrow because he’ll be spending the nigh for a couple of days there in Trent,” Delacruz said.

She came from Trent to her sister’s aid, and is dishheartened by what her sister is experiencing.

“She notified me that they were evacuated,” Delacruz said. “You can tell, the water has just gotten to where you can’t even- it’s unpassable.” 

However, Delacruz is thankful materials are the only thing needing to be replaced.

“Had it been that this was an overnight situation, where it started at midnight, they would have been asleep,” Delacruz said. “Thank God that it did happen in the morning, while the people were going to work and going to school and most of the kids that live in this area were already in school.”

Her great-nephew, Roman, has come to an understanding at the challenge life has brought to his doorstep.

Delacruz said, “He did lose his XBOX and he was kind of sad, but then when he saw his grandma and we brought him over here, he saw how bad it was. he was grateful.”

As she and her family count their blessings, she hopes change will be made in the future.

“It’s a good community to be apart of. I just don’t know if the city itself could maybe help alleviate some of this flooding that occurs so continuously,” Delacruz said.