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Documents Detail Investigation into Abilene Mother's Murder

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Court documents unsealed Thursday afternoon detail the investigation into the disappearance and murder of an Abilene mother.

The documents were unsealed over a month after the body of Meagan Dearman was found at T&P Lake in Callahan County on January 27, 2017. Her boyfriend, Justin Bennett, was arrested and charged with murder following the discovery. 

Detectives filed search warrants to get electronic data and information from Dearman's and Bennett's cell phones. A third search warrant was also filed so detectives could gain access to Bennett's phone, laptop, and tablet that were seized from Bennett's home during his arrest.

Those search warrants say multiple witnesses came forward and told detectives Bennett had been talking about Dearman in the days following her disappearance on January 17, 2017. 

One witness even said that Bennett had, "stated he got into an argument with his girlfriend Megan Dearman and accidently killed her, then buried her at the lake", according to an additional search warrant that was filed when police found Dearman's blood in a vehicle Bennett frequently used.

The vehicle, owned by Bennett's other girlfriend, Jennifer Herod, was searched after Herod gave consent when detectives came to question her about Dearman's murder and disappearance, according to court documents.

Those documents state that Dearman's blood was found inside the vehicle. 

The additional search warrant was filed so detectives could look for fingerprints, hairs, skin cells, and fluids related to Dearman.

Herod was arrested in connection to Dearman's murder on February 24, 2017. She's charged with Tampering with Evidence for allegedly helping Bennett dispose of Dearman's body at the lake.

Multiple court documents state "cell phone records indicate that Justin Bennett and Jennifer Herod were together in Abilene then drove out to T&P Lake together with Meagan Dearman's corpse", and the documents also claim Herod was not honest about her whereabouts when initially interviewed about the crime. 

BigCountryHomepage will continue to follow the Dearman murder. Check back for the latest information. 

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