Donations matched at Abilene United Way for Giving Tuesday

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – Giving Tuesday, a national day turned local to help your community.

“The money that we will raise on Giving Tuesday will go into our annual campaign which we distribute every year to nonprofit agencies in our community. So this year we are distributing money to 24 different nonprofits in our community that work in the areas of education, financial stability and health,” said Bethany Ashlock, Community Impact and Marketing Director for United Way. 

Donations will be matched by Aaron Watson, Lonestar Loans and Happy State Bank up to $12,500. 

“Tomorrow is a big day for us because on Giving Tuesday we do have those three matches so you can make a gift and then your gift can be matched which really increases the impact that you are able to mak,” said Ashlock.
Impact from local businesses like First Financial Bank to individual donors, united and making their way to the goal of $50,000.

“A way for all of us to come together as a community and say this is what’s important and one of the reasons that we choose to partner with United Way is so much is because of the folks that it impacts. We have folks at First Financial Bank who need United Ways help and wether it’s through finincial means or through anything else, United Way does it’s part in the community and so we are trying to do our part as well,” said Will Christoferson, Donor and phone caller for First Financial Bank. 

For the first time, Business Blitz will be held on the same day as Giving Tuesday, having 30 members calling local businesses to bring a collective front for the Key City.

“The likely hood that we all know somebody that has been impacted by United Way is very very great and we don’t even know it and so the fact that United Way gives to so many organizations that intern helps so many Abilenians and folks across the country, it’s really special that we can partner with them and do things for them,” said Christoferson.

Giving Tuesday officially kicks off at midnight and if you want to donate you can go online to their website here or their building at 240 Cypress Street.

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