Dove season bringing economic boost

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THE BIG COUNTRY, Texas (KRBC) – September 1st is the start of dove season, a time The Big Country is ready for.

“Opening weekend of dove season is by far the biggest attended of the year in our community,” said Jody Barr, Wild Life Committee for Coleman.

They say the are already seeing a potential to make this season bigger than the last.

“This is by far the biggest year. We got between 360 and 370 hunters a day for the first three days of season,” said Lester Brown, Owner of LB’s outfitters.

That attendance, helping make up for the dry weather and bad harvest.

“Farming, we are in a drought so if it wasn’t for these hunters coming in and helping out and being able to do this with us it would be kind of hard to have a field next year,” said Brown.

Dove season is also helping pump money into local businesses.

“They stay in our hotels, they check out our restaurants and bar and grills and so they are spending money, helping the economy, having a good time,” said Brown.

All in hopes to keep the money flowing in and have fun.

“It’s hard to put a hard dollar on but I would say in the 10 million dollar range, just for dove season alone,” said Barr.

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