Dr. Ken Morgan speaks at Texas Alliance of Energy Producers meeting

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers’ annual Abilene membership meeting brought in Doctor Ken Morgan, Director of the TCU Energy Institute, to speak regarding the current state of energy in America.

“We did a little bit of what it means now for this nation because the Great Permian Basin resurrection of oil and gas that could be out here and the impact it could have on us,” said Morgan.

Doctor Morgan says America has an opportunity to provide energy to other countries.

“They know what this country can do with its energy base. We could now take a step forward, a big step forward, and become an energy provider in the world for a lot of countries,” said Morgan.

Discussing the current gas crisis, Doctor Morgan believes gas prices will drop as soon as the coastal refineries recover.

“There was going to be a bump,” said Morgan. “I think it bumped up and some people really made it really bad, but what we’re seeing is gasoline prices, I think over the next two to three months, will steadily begin to drop back down to what we saw before.”

In the meantime, Texans continue to feel the pain of higher gas prices.

“Sixty dollars used to fill my tank up and now it may be it may be seventy, seventy-five dollars or more,” said Abilene resident Louis Martinez.

“It’s probably cost us, I would imagine, give or take for the vehicles, probably an additional fifty to one-hundred dollars a week,” said Corpus Christi resident Andy Freasier.

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