EASTLAND, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – An Eastland man is on a roll after breaking a world record last month for the slowest motorcycle wheelie for the longest distance.

Bryan Jackson has been riding since the age of five, and more than fifty years, sixteen broken bones and ten surgeries later, he is now in the record books, giving glory to God for the accomplishment..

From rookie…

“I took my first ride on a motorcycle in 1967. I was actually five years old,” Jackson said. “I couldn’t even reach the ground. My dad would give me a shove and I’d take off.”

…to world’s best.

The motorcyclist and stuntman explained he never imagined that at 57 years old, he would be out setting records.

“The world’s longest ever wheelie ever recorded, which was 10.6 miles at 9.9 miles per hour. Took an hour and 4 minutes to do it,” Jackson said. “A lot of this actually comes from is all my life I’ve been asked, how far I can ride a wheelie and I’ve answered that most of my life, ‘As far as I can hold on.'”

However, thanks to months of preparation and determination, he was able to complete the task.

“When I first started invisioning trying to do this, I didn’t realize that it was going to be so physical, he said.

Even with prior world class accidents in his medical history, nothing was going to stop him.

“Sixteen broke bones and ten surgeries, and four plates and 42 screws. Not that we’re counting!”

On April 1, 2019, Jackson was able to complete his mission. He performed a wheelie on his Doug DomokosTribute USA ATK 250cc dirt bike. He did it non-stop, without his feet on the ground. He went from Interstate-20 in Eastland, passed Exit 340, crossed over a bridge towards Cisco to County Road 177, and then back. Official World Record issued Jackson the certification.

“God continues to empower me to do great things on the motorcycles,” Jackson said.

Sharing his world class talent across the nation comes with another feat.

“Foster introducing Christ to people, and getting them to plug into a church locally,” he explained.

He said motocrossing has been a basis to spread the gospel.

“Build a good platform for the ministry and enables us to get into places to do more things for the mission and the vision that we’re called to do, whether it be public schools or churches or getting into fairs or festivals, he said.

He is also paying homage to the late Doug Domokos (dum-moh-kus), who inspired him. Domokos died in 2000 from a paragliding accident. He held many records wheelie records and was nicknamed “The Wheelie King.”

“He was an incredibly talented stuntman that did some of the things I’m doing to tribute him,” Jackson said.

Now, Jackson is hoping to inspire the next person to get on two wheels.

“I’m just a guy. Just like anybody else and I’ve really been empowered and enabled by the good Lord to do these things and I’m just blown away like a lot of other people are,” Jackson said.

Jackson told KRBC’s Pheben Kassahun that his family has been part of riding for the last century.

“Family started motorcycling back in the 1920s so it’s been part of the Jackson family heritage to be on two wheels, all of these years,” he proudly explained.

Jackson posts regularly on his YouTube channel called VerticalAMM.