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Eldery Texas man says he was drugged, forced to withdraw $20,000

AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) —  A retired elderly man who lives in north Austin is out $20,000, and even his own family didn’t believe the story until they saw the evidence.

Staci Nguyen noticed something was off when she walked into her 66-year-old dad’s house Saturday afternoon.

“He was very distraught like he was under the influence of something, he wasn’t very coherent,” said Staci. “He just nonchalantly, calmly said I just lost $20,000. And I said ‘What? Are you kidding me?’ I thought it was a joke.”

When the family retraced his steps the pieces were there. They found security footage of the sharply dressed man Duc Nguyen says he met in the parking lot of the MT Supermarket at 10901 North Lamar Blvd. in Chinatown. A man he says spoke with an African accent.

“An old guy came to the door and he told me roll the window down,” Nguyen. “He went to cry and so I said, I think, OK I can help you.”

In his heart he wanted to help, so he gave the man a ride. The man told Nguyen he needed to go to the H-E-B at Interstate 35 and Parmer Lane. When they got there he met up with a younger man who got in the car. They told Nguyen they were collecting money for the poor.

“Then they asked me, ‘Do you have money to share with us? A donation for the poor people.’ I said OK,” recounted Nguyen.

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