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Eula HS students on a mission to keep the positivity in the Key City


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Instead of hitting the road this spring break, some Eula High School students have been on a mission to keep the positivity in the Key City.

The Eula Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) hung up their jerseys and rolled up their sleeves to befriend the animals available for adoption at the Abilene Animal Shelter, Friday.

"I thought it'd be a really cool thing to do," Eula High School freshman, Harlee Hellums said. "I thought that it would bring me closer to God and close to my friends and help us grow in our Christianity but also help other people in the community."

Hellums owns three dogs, including a stock show pig!

"I do stock shows with FFA, so that's super fun. I showed a pig this year, so I have that too. he's really sweet. Sweetest animal ever," Hellums proudly said.

She hopes she can use this experience to fuel her interest in veterinary school.

"It might be something that I want to do. I definitely want to have pets," Hellums explained. "it was easier because of that to help with some of the dogs that were more aggressive towards other dogs to know that to do when they were out of line." 

The students are on Day 3 of their 4-day mission. Their mission began Wednesday. Group leader and Eula FCA sponsor, Angela Conway, can attest that the experience has been eye-opening for her students.
Conway explained, "We got to go out in the trucks with Love & Care Ministries and we got to hand out meals and hand out sodas, and we went to several different camps in Abilene and the kids were just, we talked about it last night and the kids were just amazed!

Friday, the students also served at Abilene Hope Haven and the Abilene Salvation Army. It has taught them to see others in different life situations than themselves, she said.

"They got to learn a lot about not judging someone until they know their story because you don't know why someone might be in a situation in they are that's making them homeless and what they're having to go through," Conway said.

In addition, they have learned to love and give to everyone.

"I got baptized, like not even three weeks ago and so my walk with God is very recent and this feels very natural. I enjoy it a lot," Eula High School Junior, Dillon Britton said.

Saturday, the group will be putting on some boots to help build a ramp and bed bunk for a couple of families in the Big Country.

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