Faith and the harmonica carries refugee through devastation

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ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – The best of the best Abilene seniors took the stage for the 8th Annual Senior Services Talent show. There were singers, dancers, comedy acts and more. One act, moved to the states about a year ago after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria destroyed the island she called home.

Cynthia Pompey’s love for the harmonica all started when her grandson brought one home from Sunday school eight years ago.

“I used to borrow it and play it and there I learned to play on my own,” Pompey said.

Never taking lessons, she learned just by ear.

“I can play any song from the tune,” Pompey said.

She knew she had a gift.

“You know if you have a talent use it for the lord,” Pompey said.

Now that gift is helping carry her through one of the toughest times.  Last year Hurricane Irma followed by Hurricane Maria struck Pompey’s home island, forcing her to move to the states.

“When I was putting some of the clothes in my bag I made sure I put my harmonica in there,” Pompey said.

She lost most of her belongings and the place she called home.

“But I still have my harmonica,” Pompey said.

It’s that harmonica and her faith that keeps her going.

“It uplifts you. Spirit and everything and you know the lord is good so we got to represent him wherever we go so this is what I’m doing,” Pompey said.

Pompey played “When the Trumpet of the Lord Shall Sound” for the talent show.

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