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Families in the Big Country gather to support their loved ones for Walk to End Alzheimer's

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)-No one experience with Alzheimer's is exactly like another, but each does share similarity in being taxing on patients and their family members

Charles Giles is a patient who has been diagnosed with the degenerating disease. 15 members of his family walked alongside him to show their support.

One of Charles' daughters, Lisa Shirley, said the disease has altered his reality.

"It's really really tough, waking up in a different world everyday," said Shirley.

Another daughter, Beth Schmitt, wheeled her father throughout the entire walk. She said she is proud of her family. 

"It's a blessing, because not all families want to be involved when it comes to situations like this," Schmitt said. 

She explained why the disease can be an uncomfortable topic of discussion. 

"We don't understand it," Schmitt said. "And, if you don't understand you don't want to talk about it."


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