FBI releases sketches of victims drawn by accused serial killer in Texas jail

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FBI release new sketches of accused serial killer's victims

ODESSA,Texas (BIG2/FOX24) – On Tuesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released 16 sketches drawn by accused serial killer Samuel Little of his victims, two of which have been traced back to Wichita Falls and Houston.

“He’s been drawing these pictures for a long time. It’s been amazing how these pictures and his memory has been able to solve all these cases across the country,” said Ector County District Attorney, Bobby Bland.

All details were based on his memories and recollection of his whereabouts during the times of as many as 90 murders.

Samuel Little, a man many are calling, “The Most Prolific Serial Killer in American History,” has confessed to 90 murders throughout the country to date. He has been convicted of four, including the 1994 murder of Denise Brothers in Odessa, Texas.

“Our case was used as a catalyst to get Samuel Little to talk about these other cases,” stated Bland.

While other murder cases may have involved false confessions, Bland says, “There’s not been a single false confession that he’s given that we know of yet.”

“He’s the one that provided the information,” said Bland. “And then we reached out to the law enforcements to find out if they had a case that matched up with that. And it’s been uncanny how many of these cases have been matching up.”

So far his confessions have helped law enforcement officers confirm more than 40 cases. While Little may never be convicted of another murder, “What the law enforcement is now trying to do with the FBI, the Rangers, and law enforcement agencies around the country is taking that information he’s given, matching that up, and trying to solve all 90 cases,” said Bland.

To see the sketches, watch the video above.

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