First New Year’s Eve in Abilene with the new bar hours

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Abilene, Texas (KRBC) – You may remember in May that Abilene City Council apporved an ordinance to allow bars to apply for permits to stay optn until 2 AM, this will be the first New Year’s Eve they will have those extra hours.

Two extra hours of drinking and fun can be great but also dangerous

“Please help your police department out, please help yourself out, your family out and have a plan before you go to the bar,” said Abilene Police Chief, Stan Stanridge.

Getting a safe ride home is a lot cheaper than a night in jail. A DWI can cost up to two grand.

“After that you are going to likely incur about 9000 dollars or more in expenses associated with surcharges on your drivers license and all the court fees,” said Stanridge.

Just because you only have two drinks does not mean you will be safe.

“Drunk driving is incredible expensive, a lot of people mistake DWI as being .08 or higher, please recognize that is only one condition there is also a prevision within the law that says if you loose your mental of physical facilities then you can be considered legally intoxicated,” said Stanridge.

Police say an Uber, cab or sober friend is your best option if you do decide to drink.         

“We have guys that drive around in four seater mules and patrol the parking lot, help keep an eye on people, give them rides and stuff like that,” said Scott Goldspy, general manager of Guitars and Cadillacs.

Bars are also doing their part to let people have fun but also be safe by adding extra staff.

“We have prepared all the staff and extra bouncers and what we call floor walkers,” said Goldspy.

Although there are many watchful eyes out there, keeping safe during those extra two hours are ultimately your responsibility.

It is suppose to be below freezing on Sunday and that effects peoples driving conditions as well.


“If the roads freeze, if the over passes freeze, we know people are going to crash, they have every year. If we are going to mix alcohol to those ingredients it could be fatal,” said Stanridge.

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