Florida daycare worker accused of 30 instances of abuse

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ORMOND BEACH, Florida (CNN) – Toddlers were allegedly slapped, shaken and manhandled by the person who was supposed to be taking care of them in a case of child abuse at a Florida daycare. Police say it happened more than 30 times.

The daycare worker who’s facing charges says she was just “being too rough.”

“Their were several cases where children were slapped,” said Keith Walker, Ormond Beach Police.

Police say surveillance video shows the suspect alone with 6 toddlers, the oldest just 2-years-old on May 23. It was nap time and clearly some of the little ones were restless.

Police say the suspect repeatedly used force to make the children behave.

“She would pick one up and violently shake them, she did this to several of the children. Take them by the back of the head and force their head down into the cot,” Walker said.

Police say Katherine Weitz, seen in court, had been at dream city academy since January.

She was fired the day of the alleged abuse, then following an investigation, arrested on a warrant this week. Police say the suspect is seen slapping several of the children, shoving a child’s cot, lifting it up and slamming it down, manhandling several of them.

“She would take them by their wrists and their ankles and flip them over facing in the opposite direction so they wouldn’t be facing another child,’ Walker said.

Police say Weitz told them she felt sick and should never have gone to work. Agreed that what she saw on the video was her overreacting, being too rough.

She allegedly said, “I should never have been that rough.”

“It’s very disturbing to drop off your child in the care of somebody else to think that they are going to be protected,” Walker said.

Police tell us they documented at least 30 instances of mistreatment while Weitz was alone with the toddlers.

They say it’s fortunate the office manager was alert, watched the video, intervened.

According to the report, there is no indication any of the allegedly abused children suffered any kind of permanent injury.

Police say parents however, are outraged.

Weitz is now facing three counts of child abuse, but police say she could face even more charges.

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