Former Mack Eplen’s Drivateria baker brings back the famous Abilene Pink Cookie

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ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – Longtime Abilene residents remember the famous Pink Cookies served at Mack Eplen’s Drivateria on North 1st Street. Now a former baker at Mack’s is bringing the flavor back to the Key City.

They have a long history here in Abilene.

“A lot of the teenagers who grew up in the 60’s would circle Mack Eplen’s Drivateria on North 1st. They would stop in for a cherry Dr. Pepper and a pink cookie,” Former Mack’s baker Mike Assenmacher said.

In the 80’s you could find 14 year old Assenmacher in the kitchen whipping up a batch of the famous Abilene Pink Cookie.

“I would go to school and my classmates would say ‘I smell cookies’ and I’d say ‘yeah I’ve been making them for the last four hours’ you know while they were sleeping I was up making cookies,” Assenmacher said.

He continued for more than 14 years but eventually Mike moved on and so did the Drivateria, the Pink Cookie becoming a thing from the past.

“As the older generation is dying off the younger generation don’t have a clue what these are,” Assenmacher said.

Holding onto the traditional recipies, Mike continued to bake Mack Eplen’s legendary treats, recently making the cookies for his daughter’s band fundraiser.

“After the fundraiser people kept calling,” Assenmacher said.

The requests kept pouring in.

“I thought you know there’s an opportunity here to get the word out about the pink cookies,” Assenmacher said.

Now Mike bakes and sells the cookies out of his home.

“You know when somebody bites into that and they smile and you can tell it brings back the memories and that’s one of the things I like to see on people’s faces,” Assenmacher said.

He’s bringing a historic taste back to the Key City operating this side business under the Texas Cottage Food Law.  To place an order you can click here.

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