It’s two days before the big feast and today more than 30 turkeys were fried up outside the Beltway South Campus to help feed some families and give back to a local non-profit.

The “Boots on the Ground” ministry has teamed up with New Beginnings, a transitional home for women who just leave prison.

The program runs solely on donations and relies on people like “Boots on the Ground” to help them keep this ministry going.

“It’s helped me grow as a human being. I’m really touched. When I got here I was pretty callus. I had a hard shell. I didn’t believe anyone in the world would want to help me and their was always going to ne an ulterior motive,” stated Anne Mclean, who is going through the program now. “Just seeing for the longevity that I’ve been here what people have poured into and expecting nothing in return except to help me succeed and have a better life.”

The turkeys sold for $40 a piece helping them raise more than $2,000.