Not everyone is able to say they’re friends with Abilene native and country music star Aaron Watson, but one North Texas boy is able to say that he is. Nine-year-old Hayden Hensley has spina bifida and he and Aaron have a close bond. Aaron’s new album, Vaquero, is set to release soon and he wanted to get fans, like Hayden, involved in the album.

So, if you get the chance to go to Coleman, there’s a special piece of art in an alleyway that was painted by an Abilene artist to be used for Aaron Watson’s new album cover. Aaron invited all of his fans and friends, like Hayden, to go out and take selfies in front of the painting, and Hayden definitely had the best one. Now, he wants to encourage others to go out and take pictures with Aaron’s painting.

“I love Aaron Watson,” Hayden said.

Their friendship began when Hayden wrote to Aaron Watson telling him how big of a fan he was. Aaron decided to surprise him and meet him before a concert. The two hit it off and became great friends.Aaron’s new album, Vaquero, is scheduled to be released in February. Aaron collaborated with local artist, Cal Johnson, to create his interactive album cover.

“We were talking about the whole album cover and everything,” Johnson said. “It was really intentional that we really wanted his fans to come and be a part of it and show their support and just have fun.”

Hayden stepped up his selfie game and impressed both Aaron and Cal.

“I think for both of us, it’s not so much about what we do as much as why,” she said. “So it was just really neat to see Hayden take that first selfie and it was so good. I don’t think anybody is going to top it.”

“He just wanted his own little picture to look just like Aaron Watson,” Hayden’s mother, Johnna Hensley said.

On Thursday, he got the chance to meet Cal.

“Hayden is awesome,” she said.

Hayden even asked her to paint his album cover when he becomes a country singer. Of course, she agreed.

Aaron is always surprising Hayden with hats, and other cool things, but he’s not the only one full of surprises. He had no idea that Hayden was in Coleman showing off his Vaquero wall. So, we got on FaceTime to surprise him!

“Hey Hayden,” Watson said. “Thanks for doing this for me, buddy!”

To which Hayden’s response was, “Not for you, for me!”

If you need some advice for the perfect Aaron Watson selfie, Hayden says, “hat down, guitar up!”

If you want to take a selfie with the Vaquero wall in Coleman, Aaron, Hayden, and Call all encourage you to get creative and share your selfies with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To share your selfie on Instagram, you can tag @cal_calinamishayart and @aaronwatsonmusic