BIG COUNTRY, Texas (KRBC) – A day created to give thanks for the blessing of harvest, now, communities coming together to give to others.

“This is what Thanksgiving is all about to me, giving back to those in your community,” said Rob McCann with the Sweetwater Jaycees. 

The Jaycees, for more than 30 years, have given out meals to families in Nolan County and surrounding areas.

“We get everything from tears to just a thank you and a graduated. We don’t do it for anything, just to help our community out,” said McCann.

They hand out around a thousand meals and it’s all made possible from the money raised at Rattle Snake Roundup and the help from others.

“There will be families that show up and drop pies off that moms made with their daughters that come in from college and stuff like that it’s just basically the whole community gets involved in this event,” said McCann.

Just down the road in the Key City, The Salvation Army is doing the same thing and the volunteers say they do it to help others.

“It’s a good cause. People may not get to be as fortunate as us or as others in the community so I think it’s a good way to help people on their holidays,” said Shelby Anderes, a volunteer.

The Salvation Army gives out around 800 meals to the homeless, first responders and many more.