(BigCountryHomepage.com) – Alright guys, it’s time for us to start looking and acting the part. When you go to a barbershop, it’s not just walking in and waiting for someone to chop your hair. The experience is so much more.

In our third installment of Big Country Homepage’s Guys’ Guide series, my good friend Milos Stevanovic, Barber at Barbershop 011 in Abilene, and I are compiling some of the best tips and tricks to make sure guys are taking care of themselves.

Here are some things to do – and not do.


Know what you want when you go to a barbershop and communicate it.

Your barber is there to help you and serve as a consultant.

You have to guide them to the style you want. Yes, you can ask them for advice but you’ve got to let them know the look you are going for.

If you have specific issues, communicate them with your barber. If you have a mole or bump, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about- just let your barber know

When they ask you what you want, don’t say “whatever.” Be precise and clear with what you want. Barbers are not mind readers.

Bring photos of proposed hairstyles. This will help guide your barber. While the haircut may not be exact for you, your barber is there to tailor the haircut to you.

There are a lot of resources online, like Pinterest or Instagram, that can give you an idea of what you are going for.

As you continue to go to your barber, they will continue to get to know you and how to best cut your hair.


Barber chairs are designed to be exactly that, a barber chair. They are meant to be comfortable and give the best access to your head, to the barber for grooming.

Don’t slouch. Sit up straight.

Don’t move a lot. Relax. Be still. Moving could cause a crooked cut.

Don’t jump on the chair. Barber chairs are expensive and can hold a lot of weight, but they are not meant to be jumped on.


Come to the barbershop with clean hair. Don’t put a lot of product in it. This makes it more difficult for your barber to work with your hair.

Your barber will style your hair in the end and have you looking your best.


Your barber is using their time to take care of you. Be respectful with their time.

Don’t answer your phone, unless it’s an emergency or business.

Don’t text. Your barber needs to be able to move your head to certain angles for a precise cut. 


This should go without saying, but show up on time for your appointment.

If you need to cancel or re-schedule, that’s fine. Life happens. Just communicate with your barber as early as possible, so they’re not left sitting there with no clients. That’s essentially money lost for your barber.

Most barbers have websites and social media where you can schedule your appointments. Using an online scheduler is convenient for you and saves your barber time.


Most of all, it’s important to relax. Getting a haircut or shave is a guy’s time to relax. It’s time for you to be pampered.

If you want to have conversation, that’s great. If you want peace and quiet, that’s great, too. Your barber will sense your mood, pick up on these signs and cater to you. They are there to serve you.

Remember, getting a haircut shouldn’t be a chore. It’s time for you to take care of yourself! Look good, feel good.