HAMLIN, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Residents in Hamlin are cleaning up after Monday’s storm.

Residents like Gary Parter say water in their homes flooded up to 3 inches.

Parter says he and his friends spent the day Tuesday ripping up all the damaged carpet in his home.

“If you haven’t got friends, you’re nothing,” said Parter. “People rely on other people, and that’s what we’re supposed to do, but so many times we don’t do that.”

Much of the flooring in Parter’s home is now ripped up and there was clutter on the counter as a result of rushing to save as much as he could from the floodwaters.

Parter says the water started seeping into the house from the garage, and it was just about 15 minutes before it flooded the whole house.

“There was no stopping it, there was nothing you can do, just sit and pray, you hope it didn’t get too high,” said Parter.

Parter says the water got up to about 3 inches, but down the street, Peggy Davis was living a whole different nightmare.

“The water came in and hit my ankles, then went up to my calves and then my knees,” said Davis.

Water got so high in her house she said she couldn’t leave and had to be rescued by fire crews.

When she left though, she says she wasn’t worried about her house at all.

“I was just hopeful,” said Davis. “I said, ‘I can come back in the morning and start the cleanup.'”

She and Parter had actually seen these high waters and muddy floors before, as the City of Hamlin flooded much like it did this week back in 2007.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Parter. “How could it happen twice?”

Just like neighbors did years ago, Tuesday they helped each other clean up and start again.