Hawley teacher ‘raps back’ at diss

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HAWLEY, Texas (KRBC) — When being made fun of or belittled it’s not always right to respond, but in the rap culture, it’s sometimes almost expected and respected. So when a Hawley teacher felt like his profession was being given a bad rap, he went to the whiteboard and rapped back.

It all started, said Coach Matt Preston, during teacher appreciation week when he was watching random Youtube videos and stumbled across a Jake Paul song called “My Teachers.” Preston said, “I thought ‘hey he’s doing a teacher tribute song’ and so I clicked on it just to see what it was and it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.” In fact, Paul’s song took the opposite approach and bashed teachers.

“Hip-hop in a lot of ways is like boxing culture, you can kind of take shots at each other whenever you kind of get beef and stuff going on between rappers.” So as soon as he finished watching the video, he began brainstorming his own lyrics to Paul’s beat.

You might recall, Matt Preston was quarterback for the state-runner up Wylie Bulldogs back in 2009. He had his team’s back after every touchdown and to this day he has his team’s back. It’s a different team, it does not have an o-line, a special teams, or a defense but rather an elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. His team is education and the teachers who grind every day to share knowledge to the future of mankind.

“I know some of these teachers are thirty years in and so I took offense personally and for them as well. It kind of just struck a cord with me,” said the second year teacher.

However, this was not Preston’s first go round dropping a beat and freestyling.

The former Wylie quarterback said he grew up in an area with a little more George Strait being played than 50 Cent but that they would start rapping and freestyling on the way to practice. “Next thing you know they’re elbowing me saying come on get in on this and so I would take a few shots at it every now and then.”

It’s a skill he has crafted and it is a tool he has handy for any situation. Now fast forward to 2018 and those rapping skills have Preston on track to go viral.

“It turned out better than I thought it would. I mean we didn’t think we were going to shoot an actual music video but it turned out to kind of be one.”

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