ANSON, Texas (KRBC)-Rep. Stan Lambert gave a legislative update to his constituents in Jones County.
Focusing his discussion on school finance, Rep. Lambert highlighted one potential piece of legislation that could affect schools across the “Lone Star State.”

In a nutshell, House Bill 3 would allow school districts across Texas to have authority on allocating $9 billion to meet its district’s individualized needs. After numerous provisions, the bill has advanced to the Senate. Lambert told his constituents he even added an ammendment that would encourage career technology programs among Texas campuses.

“We start it all over basically,” said Lambert. “I think the house bill is more basically, ‘Look. Let’s give the money to the local school districts–to the boards–the superintendents to make decisions that are best for their communities.”

Lambert noted the bill is fighting against other proposals in the Senate–specifically Senate Bill 3. SB3 would mandate of the $9 billion given to districts would mandate $5 thousand raises for teachers and librarians.

“But that’s the big difference,” said Lambert. “The Senate only addresses a certain population within our school districts.”

Lambert said to compromise with the Senate, HB3 would provide a $1,850 raise for all positions within districts. One of many reasons Superintendent Jay Baccus of Anson ISD is pleased with the bill. Baccus acknowledges, however, there is room for improvement concerning rural education.

“They put in a lot of time and got a lot of things right,” said Baccus. “We lose teachers to Abilene or Wylie every year because we–we can’t afford to pay more, so in order to make up the difference in this economy of scale–we need a little bit of money to make up the difference. And, that’s something that we would like to see happen that hasn’t happened yet.”