Life has no manual about what you are going to experience, so when one family decided to adopt., they knew it would be a challenge. They also knew that overcoming any obstacles would but be just as rewarding.

The Dale and Stacy Scaief started out as missionaries in Brazil, but never thought they would be coming back to the states with three loving brothers.

‘Rewarding beyond belief’, is what Dale describes adoption.

“It satisfies a need, especially in the lives of the children. Children need parents,” Dale said.

The family of three, doubled in size, in 2012, bringing home three young boys from San Paolo, Brazil.

“Immediately it was just wonderful,” Stacy said. “We were happy to have them. They were happy to have us.” 

The Dale and Stacy explained their adoption was a bit different than your typical international adoption.

“We knew the boys first,” Dale said. “The normal process is you apply to be an adoptive parent through an agency, the agency approves you as a parent as an adoptive family and then they match with the child from the country. 

The couple periodically visited the country as missionaries, and once they met the boys, they immediately fell in love.

“We had fought so hard and we had worked so hard and we had prayed so hard,” Stacy said. “We had gone with the intent bringing them back or finishing the process. It was scary but we were dead set on doing it.”

The process took four years, and sure enough, their prayers were answered!

“They think we are the cutest ones so that’s why they chose us,” Fabio Scaief joked.

Bringing some laughter with them too!

“When we came we were like, excited having a family and a different life than Brazil and we were just excited,” John Scaief said.

Stacy said, “We knew our guys. Our guys were motivated to learn and to assimilate into our culture. A couple more than others in some ways.”

It did bring some challenges, as any adoption would.    

“The hardest part about transitioning is not knowing some of history, not knowing what would happen next, and having expectations,” Stacy said.

Dale said, “It is a process that needs to be covered in prayer. You need a good, strong support group.” 

However, just like any other challege, a reward follows.

“Having families members that are from a different culture, that have experienced life from a different view point and a different set of eyes, it has helped broaden my view of the way the world really is,” Dale said.

When asked where they would be if they were not adopted, the Scaief boys confidentally said they knew the would still be together, regardless.